Doors, Doors and More Doors!

There’s nothing I love more in architectural building than doors and doorways – I don’t know what it is about them, I just find them intriguing. You can see so much detail put into one door, sometimes it takes months to make, maybe even years. I always imagine what it would have looked like back in the year the door was made, or just the century where it would have been a couple of months or years old – who has walked through that door? Has someone famous knocked, waited at or stood under that doorway when it was raining? There’s so many questions I ask myself when I find a door that is so interesting or pretty.

Anyway, let’s move on and see some of the doors and doorways I have found during my travelling…

Let’s start in Barcelona,

With the most puzzling door I think I have ever seen! At the famous Sagrada Familia Catedral you will find two sets of tall, heavy metal doors, with words engraved, these words are all taken from the Bible, representing various languages including Catalan. You’ll also see certain words highlighted with gold, one of which is Cel, if you can find it (I did!), meaning Heaven or sky in Catalan. This was definitely one of the most impressive, artistic and creative doors I have seen.


On to the Capital of Espana, Madrid

To be honest I wasn’t paying much attention to doors when I was exploring Madrid – oops! Maybe it was because it was really cold and I was just thinking about being in the warm. However, the doors I did see in Madrid were pretty impressive, nothing on the Sagrada Familia but still worth seeing. They again were tall and grand, but made from wood or steel with intricate detailing.


Do doors on Mausoleums count?

Well whether they count or not they were very beautiful yet eerie, old style and weathered, but not as old as you may think. I visited the Cimitero Monumentale di Milano whilst in Milan, strange you may think, but here it was peaceful, bursting with interesting architecture and designs. Some doorways were modern, some were old – nevertheless they were all extraordinary.

I also came across Homer Simpson on a shop shutter – cheeky!


Some of my favourite doors are from Malaga & Nerja

This summer I visited Malaga city and a little town called Nerja in the South of Spain – I’m not sure why but I always associated Malaga with typical English people and no tradition at all – I was so wrong. The architecture was beaming, grand doors in Malaga and cute village doors in Nerja! My favourite being blue against white walls – it looks so clean and pretty.



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2 thoughts on “Doors, Doors and More Doors!

  1. Norm 2.0 says:

    Hello Lucy,
    I’m the host of weekly photography feature called Thursday Doors and I found your post by doing a tag search for “doors” as part of my recruiting tactics 😉
    This is quite a wonderful collection you have here and I know many others among our contributors will think so too.
    We accept posts each week from Thursday morning until mid-day on Saturday so please feel free to swing by this week and add the link to your post to our list of contributors – cheers!


    • travellinglucyy says:

      Hi Norman, I hope you’re well. Thanks for messaging me and following me on all social media platforms! Haha great recruiting tactics there! Thanks very much, as you can see I’m just starting out and am of course no pro. Sounds great – I’ll definitely have a little look. Thanks so much 🙂

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