Autumn is my Favourite Season

I love the colour of the changing leaves in the Autumn, the chilly breezes and misty fog close to the ground. Autumn is definitely my favourite season of the year by far, in the UK we don’t really have Autumn for long – it rapidly moves into winter! But the short time we do have it, it’s amazing – the best thing to do here in Autumn is to go to your local park, national park or by the seaside, with a hot chocolate of course!


My partner and myself have visited a very special park recently, twice on the past two weekends and luckily the weather held up for us. Strolling through the park we came across some very elegant deer, and also some scary ones too – with big antlers! Scavenging for acorns and dragging our feet through the deep pile of leaves – it’s a simple yet memorable time away from the business of our day to day lives.


We were lucky enough to see a beautiful, misty sunset on one evening and a gloomy, storm filled sky the other.


The best parks close to London are as followed, and are some of my personal favourites; Richmond Park, Bushy Park, Hyde Park, Kew Gardens and Virginia Waters – if you’re ever in the UK, visit one of these beautiful parks!

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