Misty Morning

As you may have seen on my Instagram or previous blog post, I am a little obsessed with a park very close to me. Bushy Park, just near Hampton Court Palace – it’s the second largest Royal park in England, after Richmond park. At 445 hectares or 1,100 acres, there is so much woodland and grass areas to explore. I went to Bushy Park the other day rather early after a morning of shopping nearby – the weather was misty which made the park look super erie – never mind that I was literally the only person around.

I walked through the crunchy, autumnal orange leaves. Discovered tall, old trees all huddled together creating a Twilight movie scene. And also explored the large pond with a thick layer of mist close to the surface. 

While I was there, I luckily stumbled across the famous Deer that live in the park – all together, moving as one – eating the grass. As I moved closer, their ears pricked up and it soon became a staring contest. I was wary of the stag with his enormously dangerous antlers – you wouldn’t want to be chased by him! 


If you’re ever in the area, I would highly recommend you visiting this lovely park. There’s free parking, play area, ponds, secret gardens and a quiet restaurant/cafe in the middle of the park. For some information on Bushy Park, take a look at Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bushy_Park 

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