Are You Looking at Me?

So this morning I had a great plan to drive to Bushy Park and capture some amazing sunrise photos. I had seen some sunrise pictures on Instagram of the same park and they looked amazing – which inspired me to wake up early and go.

I woke up at 6.45am, ate some breakfast, got ready, the weather looked a little misty but I thought it would clear in time for sunrise at 8.04am. I leave my house at 7.30am so I arrive a little early before the sun came up. I had my camera all set, my tripod and phone – walking around it was just before 8am, I couldn’t find where in the sky the sun would be coming up. Waiting and waiting, looking all around me, I still couldn’t see any sun – no hint of an orange or pink sky, just grey, misty sky. 

It was getting later and later past 8am and no sign of the sun – I was so pissed off! I had woke up so early to get some lovely sunrise pictures, just one problem – there was no sun. Anyway, in hope of finding something good to capture, I walked around to try and find the beautiful deer – and I did! They were hard to spot as they were hiding in the orange bushes which blended in with their auburn fur. 

Finally, I managed to capture, what I think are lovely photos and I hope you guys agree!

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And a cute swan…




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