2017 Goals; Breaking Bad Habits

It’s that time of year now that we’re all feeling slightly heavier due to the amount of food we ate over Christmas – and it’s time to start thinking about your New Years resolutions. I know that you can start a fresh or change things in your life anyday of the year, I feel like you’re slightly more motivated to start changing things in a new year (well I do anyway).

So I’ve been thinking and getting ideas together of what goals and achievements I would like to set myself for the new year. In the past, some failed and some did happen – this year I seem to have quite a few that I would like to achieve – is that a good or bad thing?

Anyway, onto my list of New Years resolutions…



I’d say over the past year or so, I have not been very strict with what I eat. I eat whatever and whenever I want – but I feel like that needs to change this year. I’m starting to put on weight (not that it’s a problem), I just felt more confident when I was 6-7lbs lighter. So that is one thing I would like to do, is lose a little bit of weight, whilst toning up at the same time. Eating healthy (or in my case healthier) will be second to that, I hate fruit and quite a few vegetables so I need to make sure I somehow get my 5 a day in – whether that’s by smoothies, juices or eating 5 apples! 

I also feel like I need to pay more attention to me, make sure I look after myself, physically and mentally – pampering myself, making sure I feel good along with doing some Sudoku to help my brain function well. 

I NEED TO DRINK MORE WATER TOO – I literally drink 0 liters a day – not good.

Dentist Appointment

I have already made my first move on one of my priority goals for this year. A dentist appointment you might think – what’s wrong with making an appointment? Well, to put it straight, I’m f***ing terrified of the dentist. It sounds bad and perhaps disgusting to some people, but I haven’t been to the dentist in a few years because I’m so scarred (just to clarify, I do have good oral hygiene and look after my teeth – before you judge me). But, I “grew some” and have booked an appointment for the end of January – unfortunately that was the earliest they could do. One goal nearly complete…


Now that I am more free to go travelling, that’s another goal I would love to complete. Perhaps set an amount of countries/cities that I’d like to visit in the year and go! I want to travel more, so booking more trips would be amazing #cantwait.

Social Media

I’m abit of a geek/socialmediaaholic (if that’s even a word) – I love to catch up with the latest Instagram posts, Facebook pictures and pin lots of images on Pinterest – but I seriously need to tone it down. I want to not be on my phone as much as I currently do now – maybe schedule posts for Facebook and Instagram, occasionally go on a pinning spree and only listen to my music and take pictures. I good phone detox is in order I think!

Being more of a minimalist when it comes to clothes and belongings 

Let’s be honest, most of you will have a shit tone of clothes and things you just don’t use but still keep? Yep that’s me, a recent video I watched on Youtube was based all around Minimalism and being more wise with the objects and clothing you have. I feel like I have such a small space, that I needed to go through all of my belongings – including my huge amount of clothes I have. Being inspired by this, I have actually started to go through my clothes and some belongings, sorting out whether I’d like to give things to charity, clothing banks or to sell the items that have more value. This way, I feel like I’m helping people in need by sending clothes to other countries or to people who need them more than me. Anyway, who needs 67 pairs of trousers, 50 tops and 36 dresses? (I don’t actually own that many). Plus it will give me more space to by more clothes 😉 – only things that I know I will wear and use!

I hope you all find areas of yourself that you would like to work on, or just to set some goals for you to work on throughout the year of 2017. Whatever your goals are – Good Luck and have a Happy New Year!

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