St Matthew’s Church Ashford, Surrey

This is something a little different on my blog, however it is still to do with travelling and exploring. I’ve wanted to start visiting quaint villages and towns throughout England –  Ashford, Surrey is a little town just outside of London and Heathrow – I came across the cute little town Church and thought I would write a little about the history. 

History of St Matthew’s Church, Ashford:

The first mention of a place of worship in Ashford is given in a record in the reign of King Edward I, dated 1293. This ancient chapel, dedicated to Saint Michael, had a south door of Saxon architecture with zig-zag mouldings. The location of the chapel was some 50 yards in a direct line from the east window of the present church. The famous collector, Reverend Daniel Lysons visited St. Michael’s chapel shortly before it’s demolition in the last decade of the 18th century. He mentions in his Parishes of Middlesex that there is a tomb in the chapel’s chancel to Peter Storer of the Inner Temple, who died in 1750. A plaque over his grave in the present churchyard indicates the precise position of the sanctuary. 

So it looks like this little church dates back to the 1200’s but has been reconstructed a few times – I wonder if it’s haunted? 


Ashford, Surrey on the map:




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