Italy Here I Come!

To kick start my summer, I’ve planned a trip to Italy in June! I’m kind of doing a mini interrail – I’m starting off at Sorrento and hopefully visiting the island of Capri, then onto Pompeii, followed by Naples and ending up in Rome – I’m so excited!

I wanted to see if you guys have any tips and trips for travelling in Italy or if there is anything I should particularly see in the following towns/cities (I’ll be doing the obvious touristy things like the Pompeii ruins, Spanish Steps, Vatican and more!)

  • Sorrento
  • Naples
  • Pompeii
  • Rome



2 thoughts on “Italy Here I Come!

  1. thetravellingsisters says:

    Hey Lucy 🙂 when exactly in June are you going to be in Rome?
    My friend Chase Coleman’s band Mercy Mode is playing an acoustic show at a venue called Le Mura Live Music Bar in Rome on June 22nd! Definitely worth checking out if you have the time and fancy a chilled evening with some awesome people 🙂
    Chase is an actor/musician from Los Angeles, so this show in Rome is kind of a big deal! (You might even know him, he’s been on a fair few TV shows)

    Lauren xx


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